Support RPEMS as we get back to school in person image

Support RPEMS as we get back to school in person

Our students and teachers are counting on you

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Our students and teachers need your support more than ever as they return to school

The Roland Park Annual Fund Incorporated (the Annual Fund) was formed to fund programs and expenditures at Roland Park Elementary/Middle School (RPEMS) that cannot be funded by other means and which enhance the learning experience for the entire school community.

It had been much too long since we saw all the students, faculty, staff, parents and friends that make RPEMS such a special place. But on Monday August 30th, we finally got together again as the students, faculty and staff made their return to the school building.

The Roland Park Annual Fund has been working tirelessly along with the school administration, the PTA, and our families to make sure that this return is as safe as possible. While there have been many things we have planned for well in advance, we realize that this pandemic is unpredictable, so we want to be ready with resources when the next curveball comes our way.

The funds you contribute to this campaign will be used for helping to keep the school safe, to help students struggling with mental health concerns, and to provide resources to combat the pandemic's impact on learning.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we hope to return to all the things that the Annual Fund has supported over the years: theater, art, music, after-school programming, great facilities, and tech equipment.

How Can You Help? Make a Donation Now!

Visit to donate by credit card.

Checks can be mailed to 5207 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210 or drop in the RP Annual Fund mailbox in the main school office.

…or Give Monthly!

Visit to set up recurring monthly donations on your credit card. Contact to find out how to donate via your on-line banking program.


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